Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Home Farming Movement

2010gardenI have to admit, I generally don't support Kraft Foods with many of my grocery dollars since their product lines are processed foods and contain many additives that I try to avoid.  However, they recently launched the Home Farming Movement with sponsorship by Triscuits and partnership with Urban Farming.  This I can support.  It is a movement to support those who want to grow their own vegetables this summer. I love it when big companies take on projects that bring people a step closer to living naturally off the land where they live!

The website is full of helpful information and also contains a message board area to post your questions.  They have information for container gardens, raised beds and plot gardens as well as information customizable by region if you enter your zip code.

In my opinion, it's worth checking out for some fresh ideas or tips to get you started if this is your first year.

Here is the press release and here is the website.  Have fun!

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