Thursday, August 19, 2010

Clean Space

410_Office_empty The space that I call my work room is a multipurpose space.  I use it for soy candles, for sewing, or for whatever other project I’m currently working on.  When necessary, all my projects can get put away, and I have extra guest room space.  As part of preparations for The Weekend, I cleared out my work room.  Almost all signs of candle production were stowed away.  All equipment for craft fairs, stashed (or used elsewhere –tent and tables got put to work!)

The bonus of having put everything away last week is that now as I work my way towards my fall projects, I have a clean space to start with.  I have some sewing and mending projects waiting for me.  I also have to get my candle-making-behind in gear to get ready for the Bainbridge Market on September 4th and the Greene Apple Festival on September 25th.

In the next week, I hope to let some of the candle making supplies seep back into this clean space and hopefully get the sewing machine out to begin preparing for fall.  What projects are you working on as fall approaches?

Note: Picture is not my Empty Space, as mine is a bit less "pretty".  The empty space pictured is from a Google image search and original site is linked through the photo.


  1. I love the clean slate! I'll have an empty room this winter, and I plan on re-doing the whole room from paint to trim to floor. It will be an exhausting but fun job!

  2. Here I thought that E was superman and you were superwomen. :) I love a clean area to start with to.