Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I love the fact that my garden has been taking care of itself the last week.  With the bits of rain we've gotten, I haven't had to water.  I pull a few hands full of weeds when I'm out there - barely putting a dent into the overgrowth of native grasses.  But more or less, my garden is at a pretty independent stage.

All those bold tomatoes that have been sporting their hints of orange for weeks are finally turning red!


This little butternut is getting close too:


Shades of orange are beginning to show on my little pie pumpkins:


My green beans are doing well and I have lots of blossoms on my first planting again and my second planting are looking good- probably another week or so away from beans.

My white hostas are in bloom in my flower bed and I've gotten a couple stems of gladiolas back.  I didn't dig up my bulbs at the end of last season as I should have, but apparently the peach glads are a hearty bunch!


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  1. I couldn't kill my glads even if I tried--good thing I love'em. They just keep coming back no matter how severe the winter was.

  2. Thats great! We're in zone 5 and they're not supposed to make it, but I was so glad to see a few of them did!

  3. I am so craving red tomatoes, so good on you! Mine are still green--probably a couple of weeks away from being ripe.

  4. I had one red tomato yesterday and Aidan found it first and ate it.

  5. Love it when everything starts pulling together! Thanks for sharing your garden's progress at the TGP.

  6. I am hopping over from $5 dinners :) Oh, I love your squash and pumpkins! Beautiful! We planted squash and cucumbers but never saw a one. But I am right with you on tomatoes. Might even have to fry up some green ones again :)

  7. Both of your gardens look lovely!

  8. I love when the hostas bloom! Yours are gorgeous!
    And that little pumpkin will be bright orange before we know it. Time goes so fast :-)
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