Monday, August 2, 2010

Party Planning: Prep List

On Friday, I mentioned The Weekend I have coming up.  I am a planner by nature, added to time spent hanging around in the kitchen at a summer camp, I’ve come to rely on detailed lists.  In the camp kitchen, the whiteboard was THE plan for the day for every detail that needed to be done (down to things that needed to be pulled from the freezer to defrost for future meals in the week).

This week, there is a lot going on, but I *plan* on prepping 15 minutes to an hour each day so that I can fully enjoy the time visiting with family and friends.  I can also plan the baking at the same time to minimize the oven heating up the house.  So I've broken the tasks down for each dish I am preparing and spread the steps out over the week.  Since I took the time to sort it out step by step before the chaos of the week began, I don't have to think about it later and make sure I've got it all.  I can just do it!

Saturday Dinner: Fajitas (#beef & #chicken) with grilled onions and peppers, black beans, grated cheese, sour cream, salsa, Cookie Icecream Sandwiches

Sunday Breakfast: Quick Breads and Fresh Fruit

Sunday Lunch: BBQ Beef Sandwiches, #Baked beans, #Pasta Salad, Potato Salad, Cheesecake Bars with Strawberry & Blueberry Spread/Sauce

(#Items others are contributing to the festivities)

The Prep Plan


*Prep Freezer Cookie Dough

*Defrost Brisket


*Prep Fajita Marinade

*Grate Cheese,

*Make ice & lemonade cubes to the freezer


*Cook Brisket overnight,

*Make ice & lemonade cubes to the freezer


*Shred meat,

*Make BBQ Sauce,

*Chop Peppers & Onions for Fajitas

*Defrost Black Beans & Sandwich Roll Dough

*Make ice & lemonade cubes to the freezer

Saturday AM:

*Defrost Tortillas, Quick Breads

*Fill fruit basket, cut melon

*Bake Cookies

*Marinade Fajita Meat

*Cheesecake Bars

*Potato Salad

*Fajita condiments to serving dishes.

*Make Lemonade to Fridge

Saturday Evening & Sunday: Enjoy the friends, visit, catch up, laugh, love!


  1. You can delete the fajita meat marinade. I will marinade the meat Thrusday night and bring it all ready for the grill.

    Also, do you want fresh lemons from Costco or are you using frozen lemonade concentrate or whatever? (I am going to Costco on Wednesday.

  2. Then on Monday, you will sleep in, and G-baby will go along with that plan. :)