Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Garden Party: The Shed

We have had two and a half days of rain.  So much rain, that it filled the kiddie pool for us.  The grass has also grown, and the weeds have taken a further hold in my garden. I feel the end of season coming, but know that it's still a ways off.  Especially since my tomatoes are just getting started.  They loved the rain and I was happy to see a bunch of green tomatoes out there!  A few days of sun and they'll ripen right up.   My second planting of green beans are blossoming and some of my pumpkins are well on their way to orange.  I've pulled up some fresh carrots that have already been devoured and a bit of rosemary that will go in grilled potatoes tonight.

What is showing the most signs of progress is the Garden Shed!  We decided that it would be more convenient (and free up more space in the garage) if we put up a shed that would house the lawn and garden equipment.  HandyMan has been busy on his staycation this past week and a half.  We have floor done, walls framed out and part of the roofing rafters in.   We've had some great help and also have wonderful friends coming to help us out on it this afternoon and evening so we'll see how far we get tonight.  Hopefully by next week it will be even closer to, if not, done.[gallery columns="2" orderby="title"]

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  1. Things are really coming along in your garden! Thanks for sharing!

  2. One day I hope to have a new garden shed- I'll be looking forward to you showing us your completed one!

    Thanks for linking and keeping us updated!