Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beans & Rice

batchbeans-cookedcropStephani over at Cheapskate Cook is hosting a series on Beans & Rice.  More importantly how to work beans and rice into your menu as an inexpensive starch and protein, without sacrificing taste and flavor!  Today, I've guest posted over there on the basics of cooking up large batches of beans and storing them to use in your favorite recipes... check it out!


  1. Your post was fantastic and I think the step-by-step photos were really helpful (and pretty ;-)). Thanks for sharing your knowledge with others on my blog - it's been a pleasure working with you.

  2. Thank you for this! I bought dried black beans today & have tried once before with not a ton of success, but I'm going to try again! I know they are healthier and cheaper to do in the crock pot. One you add any spices or flavor to the beans to give them a little interest? Beans can taste so earthy and not all that exciting, just curious if you spiced them up a bit :)

  3. Sarah - you certainly can add spices. I've put in whole cloves of garlic before, salt or pepper. Usually I keep them pretty plain when I cook them because I'm never sure where they'll end up: next to tacos or in soup. I will add spices when I heat them to serve depending on what the meal is. They're pretty adaptable.