Friday, October 29, 2010

Nuances of A Developing Personality

The last few days, I have been relishing a lot of the little things around me.  I picked up a box of Celestial Seasonings India Spice Chai tea on an impulse.  Brewed up with a bit of milk and a dash of sugar - absolutely lovely!

finerthingssmI've also cherished the nuances that are making up my daughter's personality.  The closed- mouth "o" she makes with her lips when she's really proud of what she's done (especially if she wasn't supposed to do it!).  The almost reflexive action with which she leans over to smell the paper as soon as I draw a flower - I think Daddy was teaching her how to smell flowers.  The way she brings her step stool over and starts "doing dishes" with me or pats the same step stool when it's by her table and she wants me to come color with her.  In the wee hours this morning when I was up with her and I smoothed her hair away from her face and she reached up and smoothed my hair, and then snuggled up to rock.

I've been reminded by all these little things what a wonderful gift my daughter is and challenged as well, wondering how many other things I've missed because I've been too busy with things I had to get done.  I'm going to work on cutting back the busy.  In the next few months, you'll probably see a few less posts as I will be working hard to keep the computer shut during GBaby's awake times-because the computer sucks me in is a black hole of distraction.  Given most of my recipes and many of my friends are in that little black box, it will be tough, but I think that the rewards in all the finer little things, will be worth it!

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  1. Absolutely precious. Savor every moment, they grow up so fast!

  2. Absolutely! I'm going to be working on cutting the computer chord a bit myself. I pray for you; you pray for me?

  3. You got it Jennifer :)