Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jack Frost Ended My Garden Season

This week, Jack Frost has brought an official end to my growing season.  My thriving green beans and slow growing peppers probably would have had a chance to continue into the fall had I paid attention to the weather and given them a sheet of protection.  But alas, life has been too hectic and good ol' Jack had his bite and they've wilted into a sad state of green limpness.  I still have a couple pumpkins that I'm hoping will ripen up.   I'll add them to the pumpkin I pureed yesterday for pies and breads.  Yummy!

I've had a busy summer and fall and I'm thankful for the produce that I was able to coax from our land and it really does taste better!  We're working on breaking down our garden for winter.  Yesterday HandyMan disassembled our tomato trough.  We decided that remnants of last year's blight must have been in the wood since those tomatoes did so horribly.  We'll explore options for reconstruction in the spring.

GBaby's cast comes off next week which will make outside time a little more fun for all of us.  I'm hoping to get a good dose of garden clean up done then.  For this week, it's candle pouring and baking!

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  1. No frost yet in the Willamette Valley - some years we make it until the end of October / early November. But a good hard frost does bring things quickly to and end and make it clear that it is time for pick up / clean up / tidy up / get ready for next year...and well deserved rest!

  2. Luckily spring will be here before we know it!

  3. Oh, sorry those peppers didn't ripen in time! A cover is the only way I got some this year, I think. :-)

    Don't forget- you can link up seasonal recipes (like the pumpkin puree), garden themed gifts, decorating and the like at the Garden Party. I'm going to have a list of Winter link-up themes tomorrow at the Tuesday Garden Party, so check in and plan your posts!