Sunday, February 3, 2013

All In A Saturday's Work

One of my tasks for one of my jobs is to write up the famous Sonlight Camp Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.  After writing it out about 10 times this morning I had to make cookies.  And they were yummy!

Just recently GGirl has begun mothering her buddies.  Today we found clothes for four of her current favorites.  I set her up with a diaper bag.  She found bibs, "food" spoons and diapers and was off adventuring around the house much of the afternoon.  They stopped for picnics, diaper changes and naps.  Quite the busy little one.

And MMan is just about to go nuts trying to master crawling.  He's good on the carpet but as soon as he hits the wood floors it's like Bambi on ice.  He us quite the determined one!

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