Sunday, February 3, 2013

[Mostly] Media Free Sunday

Taking a moment to remember the graces of the day and week.

...insert DSL outage and relatively media free day here...

It was really refreshing!  HandyMan was home for the afternoon and evening.  He and GGirl worked on a painting project and he put the finishing touches on another project he's been working on.  I pulled up a new recipe on my kindle to try out and got some great play time in the kitchen with a friend. MMan is quickly getting the hang of crawling and learned how to get himself to standing while leaning on the guitar case.  He's just barely 7 months old.  Boy am I in trouble!

Another project I got to work on was updating our photo wall in the living room.  For a long time I've wanted to add more photos and this week I finally got frames and today I printed pictures.  I was reminded again of amazing family and friends, grand travels,  family time and fun memories.  So blessed!

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