Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bright Spots

Taking a moment to remember the graces of the week.

My GGirl tries my patience, and challenges me at every turn.  But giggling bedtimes and watching her wow to doctor at her 4-year-old physical this week encourage me that the challenging moments are just that: moments.  When it comes to the important things, we're doing alright.

MMan has had a rough start to the week as he's working on some new teeth but rounded out the week with some solid naps and night time sleep.  I love the way he smiles and grabs my face in greeting when we've been apart.  Also the way he belly laughs at the most random things: this week it was his sister racing cars on the guitar case.  He just laughs and laughs until I wonder if he's going to take a breath or not.  It's awesome!

HandyMan has been my glue this week.  He took MMan on a particularly trying night and was up with him every couple of hours, letting me sleep.  Soundly.  For a long time.  It was glorious!

I got an evening out with the girls and some alone shopping time as well as some out-of-the-house work time - all welcome bits of respite from the daily "mom" stuff and Friday gave me some time to try out some new recipes in the kitchen, namely Cream Puffs - so easy and SO good!

February is almost over, which means we're that much closer to spring which is my favorite time of the year. And this scene, will be changing a lot over the next few weeks:

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