Saturday, February 16, 2013

Girlie Giggles

A few days ago while on an outting with HandyMan, GGirl was given a book titled "We Are In A Book".  She excitedly showed it to me, HandyMan commented that it was good and it got lost in the chaos of that day.
Fast forward to last night's bedtime.  HandyMan had gone in for work, MMan was already in bed and I told GGirl to go pick out three books and come snuggle for stories.
"We Are In A Book" was one of her choices.  I read with amusement and then bananas brought out the girlie giggles in both if us.  (You will have to read the book- no spoilers here!)
I realized in that moment that I need to seek out levity in the chore filled, discipline laced, sleep deprived days.  I need to giggle more with my GGirl.

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