Friday, June 4, 2010

Freezer Friday: New Freezer Challenge

freezerfridaysmThis week I got a new freezer.  I was so excited to stack a sale, a coupon, and a rewards gift card and a state rebate all together to get $180 off the cost of my new freezer.  The new freezer is EnergyStar rated which means is should run the electric meter a little slower than the 30 year electricity monster that was in the garage before.  And the icing on the cake, the new freezer will fit inside the house, not in the detached garage.  The challenge is that it is a 15 cubic foot freezer replacing a 20 cubic foot freezer.

So from this transition, I found all kinds of things in the freezer that need to get used.  My challenge in June is to include some of the frozen veggies in my baking this month.  Applesauce, carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, blueberries and strawberries all have destinations in baked goods this month so stay tuned for the results of my creative baking!

I did find a bit of room in the new freezer to stash this week’s freezer projects: pizza kits and Marinara.

What made it to your freezer this week?

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  1. Love that you got your new frezzer, now the only problem I can see with the frezzer in the house, the good stuff is that much closer. Enjoy.