Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Garden Gathering Steam

As the temperatures are heating up, my garden is taking off - and everything in it.  The garden has taken a turn for the lush side, shall we say. (Read: full of weeds that I can't keep up with!)

All of my heat loving crops - tomatoes, green beans and squashes - are flourishing.  My strawberries are still producing and The Beast is leaving them alone for the most part.  My green beans and cucumbers are getting ready to make their trek up the trellises and my broccoli is still shooting off small florets.  If my basil grew as fast as the grass around it, it would rival Jack's beanstalk by now, but alas - it seems to be a slow grower this year! In the front yard (not pictured) my blueberries are starting to blush!

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  1. Your garden looks great! The squash and bean plants look like they will produce a lot for you!

  2. Looking good! Good luck with the beast;)

  3. Lovely garden. Everything looks great.

    Followed you here from TGP

  4. Oh, yeah, the weeds- ugh. I've found that if the paths are left grass, the grass makes its way into the raised beds. Mine are gravel and I rarely have to weed the raised beds. Good luck and thanks for sharing at the TGP!

  5. The garden looks wonderful! Funny about your berries and the beast... I would ask my boys to go pick for me, and though they would be out for an hour they would only bring back a handful of berries! I finally caught on to that one:)

    thanks for sharing... over from tgp

  6. Thanks Jamie - what a great tip about the gravel.