Saturday, June 5, 2010

Garden Update: Safeguarding the Garden

Given the problems with the Garden Beast, we are taking extra measures this year to protect our plants and crops-in-formation.  We’re on a budget so we got as creative as we could with the bits of knowledge and materials what we had.

Last year the green beans were annihilated.  This year we’d like to get some green beans in the freezer.  The only thing that seemed to deter the vine munching Beast last year was a lone citronella candle at one end of the bed.  It seemed to throw enough of a force field to protect four or five vines.  This year, I added some more.

Garden4June 010

Each stocking holds a citronella puck like the ones I distributed around the broccoli earlier this year.  I have them spaced out about every 18 inches.  So far, so good.

My strawberries are worth their weight in rubies as far as I’m concerned.  In order to protect these little gems, we’ve put up chicken wire to hopefully keep any fruit lovin’, berry munchin’ beasts out of my strawberries! I think it will be well worth the $12 in chicken wire as I have tons of berries forming this year and the barrier will be good for years to come.

Garden4June 012

The rest of the garden is doing well.  Here are a few pictures of the rest of the garden and the fruits and veggies that are forming so nicely.  I'll share more about the hanging tomatoes next week!

This post is linked to An Oregon Cottage Tuesday Garden Party.

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  1. Loving your garden, I need to finish mine up tomorrow.

  2. oh the lengths we go to!
    your garden looks great! (followed you from oregon cottage)

  3. Citronella candles - I never would have thought! Glad it is working. We've had to put a net over our strawberries - we have birds rather than critters, but they are good at eating too.

    Your garden looks wonderful - thanks for sharing!

  4. Your garden really is looking great. Very clever way to protect your strawberries! Paula from Idaho

  5. I am going to try yoru citranella idea, I have also heard bar soap works as well. thanks for the tip

  6. Everything is coming along beautifully! What beasts are you keeping at bay with the citronella? Neat idea!

  7. Oh, we have invaders, too - I think I might try your citronella idea! Thanks for sharing it at the Tuesday Garden Party!

  8. Holly - I wish I knew what Beasts were out there! I know we have chipmunks and am pretty sure there are rabbits out there. Last year we had a groundhog. We also suspect moles or voles. We live in a pretty rural area so it comes with the territory! At least (knock on my wooden raised beds!) we don't have to contend with the deer!

  9. Your property is beautiful! I dream of a place like the one you have. I found you through Tuesday Oregon Garden party and have enjoyed your website as I have similar goals for my family's financial status.