Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Sad Story of a Special Strawberry

In one corner of my strawberry bed, dangling near the chicken wire was a strawberry.  A special berry: it was the first in my garden to begin blushing red.  I’ve been watching it for about four days.  Yesterday I didn’t make it out because it was rainy and gross.  So today, I went out expectantly looking for the vibrant red fruit and my first strawberry of the season.  What did I find?  The stem.


I swear, I have some of the best fed Wildlife. Ugh!

That’s ok, I’ve got a lot more berries that will be ripe soon enough.


I also took a walk around and pushed all the berries that were dangling near the edge, tempting the Wildlife, farther into the bed so that they’ll have a chance to be picked by me!

Some Beast also had a go at our corn sprouts.  :(


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1 comment:

  1. As much I hate my garden invaders, at least mine move slowly and have small tummys. Hope that you have lots of strawberries this year.