Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cheese Soufflé Variations

DSC03697HandyMan is out of town this week, which means my breaks to be online are limited to when the adorable girl pictured to the right, decides to take a nap.

Yesterday I made a batch of the Cheese Soufflé that I posted about a while back and they are still oh-so-yummy!  I modified this time around and browned up 1 pound of breakfast sausage with a bell pepper and a small onion and put that mixture in the bottom of the baking dishes and pouring the soufflé batter on top.  This is a great variation and I also look forward to adding chopped spinach and asparagus from the garden to this wonderful cheesy dish.  Once I have enough glass dishes to spare, I'm also hoping to experiment with freezing the dishes for future baking.

Posts will be sparse this week.  For now, off to finish up a few more things before my "helper" wakes up from her nap!

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  1. Hope your week goes well. John's in Iowa this week and next, so call me if you need to commiserate.