Friday, May 14, 2010

Garden on Cruise Control

2010gardenWith cooler temperatures this week - ok, it was downright freezing for May - most of the vegetable garden went into hibernation.  The asparagus decided that it was warmer under ground.  The broccoli and spinach decided they were going to use all their energy to survive.  The strawberries and rhubarb continued to plot their domination of the yard - tons of blossoms on the strawberries and the rhubarb continues to take off.  We're HandyMan is in the process of creating a force field of chicken-wire protection around the larger of the strawberry beds.

Of note on the edible front this week: blueberry blossoms :).


In other parts of the yard, we have an extensive variety of flowering perennials and other perennials that the prior owner put in and a few I've added.  Every spring brings new surprises.  Before Jack Frost bit my yard this week, I had a beautiful pink and blue scape of bleeding hearts, rhododendron and forget-me-nots by our front door:


The forget-me-nots and bleeding-heart made it through the freeze alright, but the rhody looks really sad.

I also have Solomon's-slippers taking over a corner of a flower bed and lily of the valley so dense in one area that I have yet to find a tool to separate it!

5-14garden1 5-14garden2

In one of my front flower beds, more forget-me-nots are in bloom, along with primrose and violets (you can't see).  Columbines are close to blooming and lilies are coming up (along with dandelions and weeds!).


The garden grows and the weather-guys claim to be sending us some warmer temperatures.  I'll believe it when I see it!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Wish I lived nearby, I'd come and help you divide your Solomon's seal and Lily of the Valley...they are so beautiful!

  2. Your garden is LOVELY! It gets too hot here for those delicate plants like forget me knots, columbine and violets. Enjoyed taking a peak into your garden.

  3. Beautiful garden! I love our weather herein San Diego, but I would love to be able to have a lush yard like yours. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. We had a late freeze here in the NW, too, but it was a few weeks ago so not too much was affected. I love your lush garden look. Thanks for sharing at the Tuesday Garden Party!

  5. We just planted our first blueberry bushes - they're not looking so good yet so I hope they make it! Your garden looks beautiful!

  6. Just lovely. I really like the bleeding hearts and forget me nots together... for looks and for word play:) And, solomon's seal is one of my absolute favs. Thanks for sharing.
    (over from oregon cottage)

  7. Thanks Y'all - I loved hearing your comments of "lush" when I tend to look outside and see "over grown!". I have forget-me-not EVERYWHERE and need to take some of it out - that stuff spreads worse than wildfire! And I'l love to share the solomon's seal and lily of the valley - they too are prolific! Not sure if they'd make it through shipping though :)
    Melinda - Give your blueberries some time. Our bushes were here when we moved in 4 years ago and I'd guess they're at least 6 years old...

  8. I think our rhurbarb died. But the rest of our garden is doing quite well. I love (not like) love the smell of Lillies of the Valley. Your flower garden looks beautiful. Found your blog on Garden Party Tuesday. I blogged about my flower pots this week. You'll have to stop by for a Latte and check them out.