Monday, May 3, 2010

May Cooking Weekend

This was my weekend to cook after joining up with the Freezer Cooking day efforts over at  I generally do a big grocery run once a month and freezer cooking works in very well for my cooking habits.

I think I did pretty well this month. My plans to get marinated meat to the freezer didn't come to fruition, but we are ready for a lot of summer weather meals. See:


I prepped the ground beef to serve as burgers or to be added to other meals and I roasted two chickens.  We had some for dinner on Saturday and it was so good!  Made me wonder why I don't cook whole chickens more often.  Anyway, after dinner, the remaining chicken was separated out to go on salads  this week and to the freezer for meals later this month.  I also went the extra step to make the broth - well worth it!  Since I was cooking around the mood of a 15 month old, my cooking projects spanned the weekend.

The end of the weekend tally looks like this:
>20 & 1/2 hamburgers formed and frozen in meal packets
>2-1lb packets of hamburger to the freezer for later use
>2 HV Blueberry Bread Loaves: I took one to party on Saturday, one to the freezer. (recipe coming)
>3 Rhubarb coffee cakes (one for breakfast, 2 for the freezer)
>3  packs of Shredded Chicken for sandwiches or salads
>4-3cup containers of condensed chicken stock for later use.

Not pictured and prepped for the next week or so:

>2 quarts of homemade yogurt (smoothie season is in full swing here!)

>5 dinner sized salads for meals on the go this week

Added to meals that are already on ice, ready to be cooked or put on the grill, meal prep should be minimal this month.  I do plan to make one more round of the HV Blueberry Bread today for breakfast along with souffles.  It will be my one Monday Brunch I go all out for this month.

P.S.  I also made an amazing roasted potato salad to go with the chicken on Saturday. I'll be sharing that recipe this week too!

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