Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Adapting to a Cast: On The Run Again!

skiddersAfter Gbaby's mishap a couple weeks ago, we've had to modify a few things.  While she's not technically in a walking cast, it took her three days to figure out how to walk on it.  Gbaby loves to put her shoes on and play outside.  She was very disappointed when she couldn't put her “sooz” on the foot with the cast. I was disappointed that she was confined to a stroller and couldn't run outside to her hearts content and burn off some of the pent up energy. I struggled with having to keep her inside and feared that it was going to be a long month.

Last Friday, I stood in my brother's kitchen and glanced at the stack of shoes next to the door and did a double take. The heavens opened, light streamed down and the angels sang as I saw the solution. Sitting among the shoes were two pair of what looked like socks with rubber soles on the bottom: Skidders. I picked them up- super stretchy on top. They should fit around the cast. YES! I found out that my sister in law had found them at the Target that was 7 minutes away from the house and on Saturday morning Gbaby, Granny and I took a Target field trip.

We found “sooz” that would fit over the cast and allow Gbaby to play outside as long as it's not wet out. I am so thankful -these definitely work for us!

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