Thursday, September 9, 2010

Peace of Providence

providence: divine guidance or care

I am a firm believer in providence, and in the midst of chaotic situations, providence is confirmed in my life by an inexplicable peace.  The last two days, I have again reacquainted myself with the peace of providence.

Last week I felt such an urging to get my menu, groceries and meals in order for the month.  I thought it was part of everyone else going back to school, seasons changing or our own calendar filling up.  However, today, I know there was a different reason.

In an accident on Tuesday, GBaby broke her leg.  Tuesday afternoon and early evening was spent in the ER and yesterday was spent at an orthopedic practice getting a cast.  She'll be fine and is adapting beautifully to her new restrictions of mobility.  Through the whole thing, GBaby was a complete trooper, and I was at peace.  Not just because my meals were planned out, but because I knew GBaby's Creator was present and caring for both of us through the ordeal.


Today, I can catch up on some rest, spend extra time in the floor playing or watching movies with my baby as she adjusts to her new circumstances.  I have a stack of my normal cooking/garden/house/how to blogs I had planned to work on and post this week.   There's always next week.

Enjoy your day, and may you find a moment of peace.

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  1. I hope GBaby and Mama are doing ok! Not fun!

  2. I sympathize. My then 2-year-old was pushed off some stairs at daycare and broke her tibia. Oh the looks we got from people. I was at work at the time (an orthopedic surgeon office believe it or not), ran and picked her up and brought her back to work. My then boss took care of her. Luckily she could talk and would tell people what happened......" Bradley pushed me off the stairs:.... Bradley was later transferred to toddler juvenile hall day care.... seriously.