Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Garden Party - Winter Squashes

I've begun picking my first round of winter squashes - the pumpkins and the butternut squashes.  Last year, I let the pumpkins hang out on the vines until the vines were all but dead.  Unfortunately some little worms decided that they were going to have a go at my pumpkins and I didn't get any of them.  See, I can be taught! This year, the pumpkins are coming in as soon as they are all orange!  Their destination will be pies, breads and muffins after I process them up.  No canned pumpkin in this house!

I am also still getting green beans and a smattering of tomatoes.  Although, I only have two tomato plants that are hanging on-all the rest have given up on this season.


The garden shed has windows.  The final steps will be a door and trim work.  Given that HandyMan is in the throes of coaching soccer, I'm in the middle of my the busy part of my craft show season, and GBaby is needing a little extra TLC (see the cast in above photo- it goes to the top of her thigh), I'm not sure that this project will be finished before spring.


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