Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Adapting to a Cast: Bath Time

bath2My baby girl loves her bath time. Sadly, until the cast comes off, bath time as she knew it has changed. I wanted to adjust her bath time so it would still be a special fun time, even if it was different. Starting with the first bath after the cast we changed her routine and she has adapted beautifully.

We generally don't use out downstairs bath for showers or baths unless we have house guests. Until now. We put a towel down on the floor and covered the cast with a bag. I got some bright colored kitchen sponges and cut them into triangles and squares – you can't have a sponge bath without sponges right? I also had a stash of the foam letters that stick to the shower wall when they're wet that I had planned to use for Christmas or birthday gifts, but I popped them out early. With the letters in a beach bucket and the sponges in a big bowl of soapy water, we were ready to give the sponge bath a try.

Gbaby has fun dipping the letters in the water and sticking them to the wall- and by the third time we realized that we couldn't fill the bowl very full because she was having a bit too much fun splashing. So far she doesn't seem to miss her normal baths. And after dinner when we ask her if she's ready for “sponges” she knows the new routine and gets almost as excited as she would about bath time.

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  1. I love it! You are so smart and creative!! When they throw you lemons, you always know how to make lemonade!

  2. While I am equally impressed with how smart and creative you are, I am also impressed that you already had Christmas presents on hand.