Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Early Mornings & Rain Puddles

When the day starts at 5:40am...
...1.25 hours of work time are logged by 7:15am.
...MMan is napping by 8:00am.
...Breakfast done.  In-bin, mail and bills sorted out and lotion made by 9:30.
...All little people simultaneously napping from 11:57am-12:01pm.

That's pretty much how the day went.  HandyMan was home to help this afternoon so I could get some work done which will save me from having to stay up too late tonight.

We had a moment this afternoon when there was a slight break in the rain and I realized that it was 57 degrees out.  I ordered everyone out for 10 minutes if fresh air until it started raining again.  It was such a spring tease but it felt so good!

As GGirl went running outside: "My puddles are back!  Puddles, I'm coming!"  This girl loves rain puddles!

"Puddles, I'm coming!"

Really Mom, another picture?

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