Saturday, January 26, 2013

Junk Mail- or An Hour of Quiet

We get our share of junk mail just like everyone else but here's an idea that kept an almost-four-year old GGirl busy for hours, literally!  GGirl is very into "sticky, sticky, stickers" right now.  Yesterday when she was home with HandyMan she wanted to play with her stickers.  He said he had a special book with squares for her to put her "sticky,sticky, stickers" in on each square.  Enter unwanted promo calendar from our propane company.  Yesterday they got through April.

This morning I sat down at the counter with my cup of coffee and calendar to work on getting back on the Menu Planning Train.  She sat down and asked for stickers.  I handed her the sticker book she had been using and she sadly showed me that they were all gone.  I went to my bin of mailing supplies and, sure enough, there we're twi sheets of "thanks for donating, please donate again" return address labels with cute Christmas/winter characters on them.  I cut the labels so she could have the characters and she was all set.  I also ended up cutting the address part in half for her to "sticky stick stickers" with. 

By the time MMan woke up, she had stickers through December and I had a menu sketched out.  So next time you're getting ready to toss the junk mail in the recycle bin, take another look through the eyes of your child and see if anything looks fun!

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