Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday GGirl!

Four years ago today, I met a little girl who has kept me on my toes ever since.
Dear GGirl,
You are creative, energetic, and full of song.  As a big sister, you are good at looking out for MMan.  You picked your meals today; it was cream of wheat for breakfast.  Oatmeal and quesadilla were chosen for lunch.  I picked out some fun pasta and helped you with your dinner menu: Chicken Parmesan with fussili, salad, garlic bread and of course your pink cake with hearts on the side and a princess and her daddy the top - upon construction, you decided that your cake needed a Mommy and a MMan as well.  You love Busytown Mysteries, Dora The Explorer, Diego and Chuck the Truck.  You have lots of "best friends" who you are very excited to spend time with.

Until today, pink was your favorite color.  As we were putting the pink frosting on your pink cake in a room full of pink streamers and pink balloons, you informed us that green was your favorite color, because it was your birthday and you were four, you had a different favorite color now.  Very logical! And very amusing to all the grown ups in the room who had decorated and purchased gifts with your penchant for pink in mind!

SitSter and Ms. D joined us for dinner and when it was time for cake, we had Granny and Grandad with us on Skype and Gram B with us on HandyMan's phone.  Technology brought family in three states together to celebrate you!

After cake it was gift time and the whirly-whistle things were almost more fun than the gifts.  After cleaning up and getting you ready for bed, we shared a quiet good night.  I told you how I couldn't believe that you were four years old already.  With very sleepy eyes, and fingers playing with my hair you looked at me and said "Mommy, I can't believe your . . . what comes after 34?"

I love you GGirl!  Happy Birthday!

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