Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'm Hungry! Part 2

For GGirl this is usually a loud proclamation followed by the expectation of food magically appearing in front of her.  Instantly.  This afternoon she issued the complaint and when I didn't redpond in 5 nanoseconds she tried to make off with the bag of marshmallows that were on the counter from an earlier hot cocoa treat.  I quickly intercepted the bag of mini-sugar bombs and told her that if she was hungry she could have a carrot.  I thought she was not really hungry and just after the sugar.  3 seconds later she comes up with a HUGE carrot: "Mommy, will you please wash this so I can eat it?"  So I washed the carrot and handed it over, fully expecting her to take three bites and be full.  Nope.  She ate the whole thing!  Just more proof of kids defying our expectations.  Guess I may need to raise the bar!

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