Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sunday Sunshine

This week has had some challenges, bit amidst the frustrations a lot of good things emerged as well.

:: A quick visit with my parents (aka: Granny & Granddad) as we were a stop on their roadtrip south.

:: Friends who will enthusiastically play with my kids while I spend an hour or so as an exhausted blob on their couch.

:: Awesome small town family doctors.

:: An impromptu lunch date with my Kindle.

:: A friend who rescued me from having to take the kids with me when I took a very ill HandyMan in to be checked for the flu.

:: That the flu test was negative

:: An offer of more work opportunities.

:: Baking time with a friend.

:: "What can I help with mommy?" Moments with GGirl.

:: Grins and giggles from MMan.

:: 5 straight hours of sleep.

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