Monday, January 28, 2013

Snowy Day & Mommy Time Out

Today we woke up to the snow and ice forecasted by the weather folks.  At the sight of snow GGirl went all hyper.  MMan had a rough night but the weather cancelled a 7am responsibility so we all got to sleep in a bit.  Waffles were the order of ghe morning for breakfast. 
By 2:45 MMan was up from an all- too-short nap, GGirl had turned squirrelly and her behavior was challenging every last iota of caffeine and patience I had.
Enter the Mommy Time Out.  I made a cup of tea, grabbed my kindle and my personal assistant and headed for the chair in front of the pellet stove; MMan playing happily in the floor. 
Within 35 seconds of sitting down GGirl was climbing all over me.  I stood het in front of me and explained that I was sitting down and not getting up or answering any questions until my tea was gone.  She peeked over the top of my mug and ran off to play.  A few minutes later she comes and peeks in my mug again, but says nothing.
So I sit, breath deeply, write, read, and sip VERY slowly.  And pray that this Time Out will get me through dinner and the kids' bedtimes without a meltdown.

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