Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The BFF/Sitter

We have a great young woman in our life who has taken an active role in GGirl's life.  Since GGirl was about six months old, very few Sundays have gone by when I haven't been asked "When do you need me this week?" 

Our friend we will dub SitSter:  she has become more than a baby-sitter and like big sister to GGirl and a little sister to me.  SitSter has spent many, many hours with GGirl.  They do crafts, play outside in the back yard and off in the imaginary lands that only they know about.  SitSter also introduced GGirl to things like nail polish and princesses.  When I tell GGirl that SitSter is coming over, the usual response is a squeal of delight followed by "Oh!  She is my best friend!"
As they are both getting older SitSter has begun teaching GGirl more mature and advanced things.
Like this: (GGirl is quite a natural!)

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