Monday, January 21, 2013

Turkey Dinner & Guitar Lessons

This month I have been thrown from the meal-planning-super-organized-grocery-shopping train right into a snow bank.  We've been eating a lot of meals I had stashed in the freezer and when I went grocery shopping I found a couple of impulse items in my cart-like a really discounted turkey. 
So, today I cooked the turkey, invited some friends over and had an-almost-Thanksgiving dinner in January.  Yum!

In other parts of the house, yesterday GGirl went to her room and decided that she was going to have guitar lessons.  HandyMan gives lessons to GGirl's BFF/Sitter which GGirl has participated in and observed.  So she wanted the headset hooked up to her CD player so she could hear her music and have a guitar lesson.  Rock on little girl!

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